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We offer ‘dance 2B fit’ classes’ for women of all ages and instructor training/franchises throughout Switzerland.

If you are looking for a fun way to get in shape and stay that way, then you have come to the right place! Our wonderfully choreographed routines accompanied to the latest cool music are updated every season so you will never get bored and exercising will be a joy. We hope you enjoy browsing the site to learn more about our methods, find a class near you and start dancing your way 2 fitness!

Our specially adapted methods and exercises have placed the ‘dance2Bfit’ routines #1 on the “hit-parade” of ladies’ fitness in Switzerland and has earned us the Qualitop label. The Qualitop group partially reimburses our participants’ expenses.

If you are a fitness professional already and wish to benefit from our routines and support, or if you enjoy fitness and working with people and aspire to becoming an instructor and running your own business, please visit the ‘become an instructor’ page to find out more.


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